Pozostałe Subsoiler with a double spiked roller

  • Pozostałe Subsoiler with a double spiked roller
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  • 8982-b3911b1c85b9e53c7ce02e2473967df3-3208129

EUR 10.086
sa 23% PDV-a (8.200 bez 23% PDV-a)
Subsoiler with a double spiked roller
NON STOP protection (springs)
body spacing 56 cm,
frame height 90cm,
four rubber wheels
replaceable coulters,
double support mechanism on rubber wheels

Width [m] 3.0
Weight [kg] 1700 (+ shaft)
Number of teeth 6
Power demand [km] 160 ÷ 190
double barbed shaft

Options (at an additional cost):
two rows of plates

Possibility to select a shaft for an additional fee:

tubular 500/600 mm
500/600 mm packer
crosskill 500 mm
annular 500 mm
V ring 500/600 mm
T ring 500 mm
C ring 500 mm
600 mm disc cracker

Export: net price (valid EU VAT number needed) - Transport all over Europe
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Pozostałe podrivač Subsoiler with a double spiked roller je na prodaju na Landwirt.com po ceni od 10.086 EUR sa 23% PDV-a (ako se uvozi: plus troškovi transporta, špedicije i carine)! Ovaj podrivač ima širinu od 300 cm/ godinu proizvodnje 2022. Kompletnu ponudu – preko 200 podrivača možeš pogledati ovde.
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Subsoiler with a double spiked roller
Širina (radni zahvat):
300 cm
Godina proizvodnje:
Klasa stanja:
Veoma dobro (klasa 1)
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