Claas 350 S

EUR 2.590 ,--  Cena z DDV/stroj iz posredovalnice
Claas 350 S Einkreiselschwader auf 3-punkt Anbau, Schwenkbock mit Dämpferstreben, Tandemachse, Gelenkwelle, sofort verfügbar

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Rabljeni vrtavkasti zgrabljalnik Claas 350 S . Rabljeni vrtavkasti zgrabljalnik ima ceno od 2.590 EUR Cena z DDV/stroj iz posredovalnice . Dodatna oprema: priklopni zgrabljalnik, tandem os .
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Alfred Schumi  
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Zelo dobra kakovost podatkov
ČLAN OD 2002
Ocena trgovca 4.3
Landtechnik Villach GmbH Badstubenweg 63
9500 - Villach
Novice trgovca
Ocene trgovca
Skupna ocena: 4.3
Sandra28 0.
Bought a Miimo robot lawn mower this year. From the consultation to the installation, I can only recommend the company!
Michael A.
Great store. We have a used one. TRAKTOR was searched for and thanks to the profe. ADVICE and perfect support from Mr. Alfred Schumi. Our Herbert, as we call the trekker, is perfect, thank you again and a big compliment to Mr. Alfred Schumi LG Fam. MAYER
Negin F.
We looked around at some dealers for a round baler. The LT-Villach has a large selection of machines. Since we were very patiently advised (since we are not Austrians), we decided on a Claas round baler. It was delivered to the yard, and schooled. From the beginning to the first bale - perfect !! Th
Theresa P.
Thanks for the great emergency service on Sunday, also to the nice workshop staff!

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