Ostatní ForestPlough 30-30

  • Ostatní ForestPlough 30-30
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HUF 3.768.109
21 % ÁFA-val (3.140.091 21 % ÁFA nélkül)
The main function of this forest furrow plow is to remove the amount of organic material on the forest glades
and uncover the soil for the natural afforestation of the clearings.
The suitable tractor for the forest plow is agricultural tractors with forest equipment, with four wheels driving
and with engine power from 70 kW.
The tractor can plough 1-2 ha every day, depending on the condition of the clearing.
In the front of the plough shares is a massive height-adjustable cutting wheel with a diameter of 530 mm, which cuts
the organic material in front of the double plough made from parts of the plough Agrotipa ROSSea Privat Roto.
In the rear part of the plow frame, there are swinging rollers on both sides, with weight 80 kg each and 200 mm
in diameter. The function of this rolls is to press the shed material so that it does not slide back into
the formed furrow and it remains open for moisture and tree seeds. 80% of new plants get caught in this
natural way. This relatively simple method will ensure the natural afforestation of the clearings, as the law
requires forest owners to reforest the clearings within two years.

A leírás lefordítása
Ez a Ostatní márkájú ForestPlough 30-30 típusú eke 2022-ban/ben készült és . Az ára a használt gép piacon 219.000 CZK 21 % ÁFA-val. A következő felszerelésekkel: Támkerék, Előhántó, Csoroszlyák 2-vasú, Építésmód Árokásó eke .
Új gép
ForestPlough 30-30
Gyártási év:
Állapot kategória:
Kiváló (1. Kategória)
Hektár (ha)
Csoroszlyák: 2-vasú
Építésmód: Árokásó eke
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