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Rollers – used and new for sale

You will find the best and most affordable used bed rollers and land packers here. There are more than 200 different used bed rollers or land packers on sale on our used machinery website. Take advantage of our extensive selection of said products. The land packer is used after plowing to diminish the freshly plowed clods of earth thus making the crudely loosened soil finer and compacted again. This makes the seed bed suitable for sowing seed and stimulates the tilth and capillarity of the soil. Bed rollers are used to reinforce the loosened soil as well as diminish bigger clods of earth. Firstly, they really work because of their massive weight, and secondly, because of their tread form. You can use the navigation bar to the left to narrow down your search. GmbH, your marketplace, Rechbauerstraße 4/1/4, A-8010 Graz
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