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air brake systems

Welcome to our website for used air brake systems. Your machines will be added to the network to help you find them more easily while attracting potential buyers at the same time. Take advantage of our offer on our used machinery website and browse through our various second-hand air brake systems. Air brake systems offer pneumatic auxiliary power in many areas. An air brake system is comprised of following components: compressor, dryer (often two parallel units for operation and regeneration), air chamber, controls with control valves, distribution system, andpressure reducer. Except for the most frequently separately placed air chamber, dryer and controls are fitted together as a compact unit on a mounting frame (package unit). The air consumption is the most important number for interpretation (in standard cubic meters). Typical pressures are at 7 bars, but pressures 4-12 bar are also common. Dry air is distinguished from the oil-dosed air. The user can perform an individual search for air brake systems using the search box on the navigation bar to the left.