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Mini excavators – used and new for sale

Already found a suitable mini excavator for your construction site? If not, visit our used machinery website, specifically the used mini excavator section. Mini excavators are mainly used on small construction sites in earthworks, gardening and landscaping. The machine excels through its low operating weight and small dimensions. Mechanically, the machine is similar to a hydraulic excavator. The equipment usually consists of a small snow-clearing blade, caterpillar chassis and a range of accessories like a bucket, hydraulic hammer or earth auger. Thanks to smaller dimensions and weight this excavators can be used in narrow workspaces and can be easily transported on a lorry or a car trailer. Use this opportunity to browse through the wide selection on our website and you just might strike a bargain. You can also use the navigation bar to the left to further narrow down your search for a used mini excavator using the following criteria: year of manufacture, type, brand, etc. GmbH, your marketplace, Rechbauerstraße 4/1/4, A-8010 Graz
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