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Logging/ forestry trailers – used and new for sale

Here you will find reasonably-priced used forestry trailers. Use this great opportunity and browse the extensive offer on our used machinery website. A logging trailer is used for transporting logs. Some logging trailers are better equipped than others. Even the simplest forestry trailers with adequate holders can be called logging trailers, while there are also technically advanced trailers equipped with loading cranes and auxiliary propulsion systems of the trailer axes. An indispensable tool for logging trailers is a so called lumber pick. With the use of this toll felled logs can be maneuevered pairwise and with greater ease, especially in harsher terrain. When searching for an appropriate forestry or logging trailer, tick the fields by the search box in the navigation bar to the left. GmbH, your marketplace, Rechbauerstraße 4/1/4, A-8010 Graz
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