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Hay ventilations – used and new for sale

Air is money. Here you will find the ideal hay-ventilation systems for your barn. Your machines will be added to the network to help you find them more easily while attracting potential buyers at the same time. Above all, hay-ventilation should prevent the spoiling of hay through mold growth. In addition, spontaneous combustions are prevented which can occur when storing hay with relatively high residual moisture. When stored in the barn, the hay lies on mostly wooden grates some 40 cm above the ground. The fans blow fresh air up through the grates from below and purge the warmth, moisture and fermentation gases. Modern barns are equipped with hay probes that enable controlled and more cost-efficient hay-ventilation. Seize the opportunity and flick through our offer. You might find an ideal ventilation system for your agricultural business. Also make use of the convenient search box in the navigation bar to the left to narrow down your search.