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Forklifts – used and new for sale

Do you need a comfortable and affordable forklift for your agricultural business? You have come to the right place then. Our used machinery website features a wide selection of used forklifts. Forklifts are most known vehicles for in-plant handling and transport of goods. Various other forklift vehicles are, for example, electrically-powered lifting carts, container-handling machines or self-propelled transport vehicles. A forklift has two gap-adjustable forks that move vertically through a hydraulic system. If special skids are mounted, the forks can also move horizontally. The gap between the forks can also be adjusted through the hydraulic system. Use this excellent opportunity and browse through the selection of used forklifts on our site to find the perfect forklift four yourself. Use the navigation bar to the left to narrow down the search with the following criteria: year of manufacture, model, brand, etc. GmbH, your marketplace, Rechbauerstraße 4/1/4, A-8010 Graz
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