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Cutter bars – used and new for sale

Look here for used cutter bars to get that perfect cut for your pastures. Our used machinery website features a great selection of used cutter bars. A cutter bar is a mowing machine for mowing grass, grain or thin trees and shrubs. A special feature of this farm machine is a bar with a cutter mounted on top of it. The mowed material is cut via shear-cutting principle - a blade rail equipped with triangular knife blades forces the plant material to the opposing fixed or movable cutting edge. It can be propelled by the ground drive of a machine, pulled by a draft animal or tractor, or directly by the engine of the carrier, for example, a tractor. Use the navigation bar to the left to narrow down the search with the following criteria: year of manufacture, model, brand, etc. GmbH, your marketplace, Rechbauerstraße 4/1/4, A-8010 Graz
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