Heracles / Rhinoceros HR / XN08

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EUR 6.990
incl. VAT 20% (5.825 excl. VAT 20%)
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Incl. 3 spoons (20, 38, 80 cm), roof

Mini excavator Heracles HR 08

A small, compact but powerful excavator that is used in e.g.: agriculture, municipal projects, greenhouses, demolition work in buildings, smaller gardening projects. It is also used in conjunction with a rubber blade for mucking out playpens,…

Technical details

Model HR08

Operating weight 880kg
Engine Manufacturer CHANGCHAI
Motor power 7 kw/1800r/min
Driving speed 1.5km/h


Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 1877x896x1990 mm
Wheelbase 770mm
Chain length 960mm
Ground clearance 376mm
Width upper carriage 896 mm
Wide chain 180mm


Max. digging depth 1650 mm
Max. vertical digging depth 1376 mm
Max. tipping height 1655 mm
Max. digging radius 2560 mm
Min. turning radius 1200 mm
Engine power from 7 KW. More KW on request or by arrangement.


Various buckets, auger, hydraulic chisel, wood tongs, mechanical quick coupler, rake, ripper
upon request
New machine
Heracles / Rhinoceros HR / XN08
10 hp / 8 kW
Working hours:
1 h
Year of construction:
Condition state:
Very good (condition state 1)
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