Sonstige Agrotipa SoilaAerator ASA 300

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Agrotipa SoilaAerator ASA 300
Agrotipa SoilAerator makes no-till application, hay fields can be worked while leaving them smooth. Grass roots remain down - not exposed to sunlight. Cattle can remain in worked fields.
Relieve soil compaction and root-bound sod. Stimulate grass roots to grow down, resulting in greener,thicker grasses. Receive nutrients by turning ground into a sponge, absorbing all rain, fertilizer or natural waste
applications. Avoid run-off in hilly terrain. Extend the life of your fertilization time period.
Model Agrotipa SoilAerator Basic has knives 100 mm long, models Standard a Giga have knives 200 mm long.
Best speed of tractor is 10-15 km/h.
Drum can be filled by water or sand. Increase of waight can be made by 10 pcs of tractor 50 kg balast ( option).
Agrotipa SoilAerators are designed not only to aerate the top layer of grassland but thanks to their unique
blade design and weight they have the ability to shatter the hard pan up to 20 cm deep without any soil disturbance or disruption to grazing system.
The blade design offers grater soil penetration, mechanically altering the physical structure of the soil, leading
to better grass growth. Due to its unique patented design, the weight is transferred simultaneously to each blade
as it enters the soil. Combinated with a working speed of up 15 km/h, this turn shocks and fractures the soil structure up to 20 cm deep.
Agrotipa SoilAerator may also be used as seedbed preparation tool when used on ploughed lands an can be fitted with an optional bradcast seeder to establish certain crop such as rape seed.
Agrotipa SoilAerator increase water absorbtion up to 40 mm water from total rain fall 50 mm.
Models ASA 810 mm/3 m Standard can be used as silage compactor, too.

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Agrotipa SoilaAerator ASA 300
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