Rahmenpflug 40-150 cm mit 2-5 Anbaupflüge

EUR 1.109,08
incl. VAT 19% (932 excl. VAT 19%)
- Number of plows: 2 pcs
- Plow width: 200 mm
- Width: 400mm
- Minimum power: 27 hp

BOMET U013-1
- Number of plows: 3 pcs
- Plow width: 250 mm
- Width: 750mm
- Minimum power: 45 hp

BOMET U013-2
- Number of plows: 4 pcs
- Plow width: 250 mm
- Width: 1000mm
- Minimum power: 60 hp

BOMET U013-3
- Number of plows: 5 pcs
- Plow width: 300 mm
- Width: 1500mm
- Minimum power: 110 hp

Frame plows Lyra are intended for medium and deep plowing on flat fields, on all types of soil without stones, with moisture that allows proper work. For stony soils, we recommend plows with a protection that protects the plow body from damage.

The mounted plows in our offer include 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-stud plows with body widths of 250 mm, 300 mm and 350 mm. Plow bodies are equipped with cylinder mouldboards and beak shares with increased durability. A straw raker is mounted above the mouldboard, whose task is to cut the top layer of soil and throw it into the furrow to achieve better co
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Rahmenpflug 40-150 cm mit 2-5 Anbaupflüge
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