Steyr 9095 MT Profi

EUR 38.000 ,--  incl. VAT/ mediation
9095 MT
PowerShuttle, Lastschaltung, Klima, Luftsitz, Druckluft, 3 DW Steuergeräte + 2 DW Steuergeräte mit Zwischenachssteuergerät und Joystick, EHR, hydraulischer Oberlenker, Zapfwelle 430/540/750/1000 mit Außenbetätigung, Frontlader Hauer POM VX90 mit Schaufel, Bereifung: 480/65R24 - 540/65R38

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The tractor Steyr 9095 MT Profi from Pamberger Landmaschinentechnik GmbH is for sale at! This agricultural tractor Steyr 9095 MT Profi has following equipment: Front loader, Three-point hitch (electronic hitch control), Air conditioner, Pneumatic (air) brake, PowerShuttle, Front loader console, Air-suspended seat, Reverse motion without pressure, Platform Cabin, Drive All-wheel drive, Top speed in km/h 40 km/h, Transmission PowerShift transmission, PTO shaft speed (rpm) 430/540/750/1000, Supercharger Turbocharger with intercooler This tractor has the power of 92 hp (68 kW) HP (Horse Power). The used agricultural tractor Steyr 9095 MT Profi has 8720 working hours. It has the construction year of 2010. The used tractor Steyr 9095 MT Profi is for sale at the price of 38.000 EUR incl. VAT/ mediation (if abroad: plus transport, forwarding and customs fees).
Used machine
9095 MT Profi
92 hp / 68 kW
Working hours:
Year of construction:
Front tire specifications
Rear tire specifications
Front tire tread depth (%)
Rear tire tread depth (%)
Control units – double action
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Hans E. 2020-07-28 08:43:02
Hat der Traktor eine nasse Kupplung?

Ing. Franz - Peter Pamberger              
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