Valtra N174 D + Frontlader u. RüFa

Valtra N 174 DIRECT SmartTouch MR19 Graumetallic, 50 km/h Getriebe, Fronthydraulik + Frontzapfwelle, Hauptscheinwerfer am Dach, Elektr. Motorstopp, Signalsteckdose, Bereifung 650/65-38 u. 540/65-28 Michelin, U-Pilot Vorgewendemanagement, 1 On/Off Ventil, Isobus hinten, Frontsteuergeräte 3 + 6/2, DL_Bremsanlage 2-Leitung, Klimaanlage Automatik, AutoComfort Kabinenfederung, Getriebe CVT, Hydraulikpumpe 160l, Heckscheibe beheizbar, Panoramadach, Luftsitz, Zapfwelle 540/540E/1000 Umin, Rückfahreinrichtung u. Quick Steer, Beheizbare Frontscheibe, Steuerventil hinten 4 Stk, Arbeitsscheinwerfer Premium, Auto Control EHR, ABS Steckdose, Valtra Quick 2 u. Konsole, EURO Anbaurahmen, Softdrive+ 3.+4. Kreis, hydr. Gertäteverriegelung, Frontlader G6S, Lautsprecher Premium + Subwoofer;

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The tractor Valtra N174 D + Frontlader u. RüFa from Mauch GmbH & Co.KG, Eben is for sale at! This agricultural tractor Valtra N174 D + Frontlader u. RüFa has following equipment: Front loader console, Hydraulic brake valve, Air-suspended seat, Three-point hitch (electronic hitch control), Suspended tractor cabin (cab suspension), Reverse drive system, Pneumatic (air) brake, Front loader, ISOBUS, PowerShuttle, AdBlue, Front hydraulic equipment, Suspended front axle, Air conditioner, 4-wheel brake, Reverse motion without pressure, Front PTO (power take-off), Platform Cabin, Drive All-wheel drive, Top speed in km/h 50 km/h, Supercharger Turbocharger, PTO shaft speed (rpm) 540/540E/1000, Transmission Continuously variable transmission (CVT) This tractor has the power of 201 hp (148 kW) HP (Horse Power). The used agricultural tractor Valtra N174 D + Frontlader u. RüFa has 5 working hours. It has the construction year of 2019.
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Štefan H. 2019-12-05 22:08:18
prosim posljite ponudbo na email [email address removed] mfg. Stefan

Martin Wohlschlager  
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Overall rating 4.5
Mauch GmbH & Co.KG, Eben Niedernfritzer Straße 161
5531 - Eben
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Overall rating: 4.5
Velimir S.
Fast unloading and large parking.
Günther O.
Super dealer and workshop (Eben) Was always very well advised, even with warranty issues without problems. Top seller Mr. Wohlschlager always tries to find solutions. And the office ladies Alex ... Perfect. Super staff and one of the best dealers in Austria.
Daniel s.
Great, workshop very friendly and helpful
Rudolf L.
Competent people.

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