Horsch Pronto 6DC PPF Biodrill 4900ha

  • Horsch Pronto 6DC PPF Biodrill 4900ha
  • 3586-8fee536c5f999fbaa07c932bcbc8fd09-2272518
  • 3586-8fee536c5f999fbaa07c932bcbc8fd09-2272518
  • 3586-8fee536c5f999fbaa07c932bcbc8fd09-2272518

EUR 59.381
incl. VAT 19% (49.900 excl. VAT 19%)
6m drill combination with divided tank for fertilization !, 2-row disc system, complete front tire packer, 1 row of fertilizer discs, tire packer, double disc coulters for seeds, pressure rollers, harrow, with Biodrill area performance: 4900,
Hydraulic folding,
Row fertilizer spreader,
Single disc coulters,
Internal ID: 20843-145211110036
Used machine
Pronto 6DC PPF Biodrill 4900ha
Working width:
600 cm
Year of construction:
Front lane marking
Tramline marking
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