Pronar T046/1, 8to, NEU

  • Pronar T046/1, 8to, NEU
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  • 6582-add7385ea65b597ef4ffb130cd10a549-1573627
  • 6582-add7385ea65b597ef4ffb130cd10a549-1573627

NEW VEHICLE Pronar T046 / 1 (Courier10)
8to, 2-axle livestock trailer

With this transporter you can choose between wood and steel walls. Proper impregnation of the wood elements makes the construction reliable and offers a high level of ride comfort for the livestock.

A new option that also ensures user comfort and increases safety at work is an additional door on the front right.
In order to make loading and unloading as easy as possible, a hinged platform is attached at the back, which can be operated manually or hydraulically.

Some technical data:
-Content: 9-10 animals
-Zul. Total weight: 8000kg
-Eigen weight: 2640kg
Load area: 14.1sqm
-L / H / B: 7980/2515/3012 [mm]
-Boden: 30mm thick, impregnated wood
-Bordwand: 18mm thick plywood

In addition, it is possible to replace the floor with 4mm thick corrugated sheet metal floor.
New machine
T046/1, 8to, NEU
Year of construction:
Condition state:
Very good (condition state 1)
Maximum allowed weight (t)
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