Sonstige Enoveneta Verdrängerpumpe EVP2-450

  • Sonstige Enoveneta Verdrängerpumpe EVP2-450
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  • 8577-cd74ec2e57c9b96fb20c83cf33efe25e-1342681

ENOVENETA EVP2-450 positive displacement pump, 20-22 t capacity per hour, all stainless steel, large hopper for mash and grapes with feed screw, feeding auger offset on the side of the conveyor for maximum product protection, 90 ° nozzle with Garolla 120 connection, 400V motor with 5.5 kW, V-belt drive for pump element, absolutely insensitive to dry running, chassis, very gentle grape and mash pump, hinged pump housing for easy cleaning ---- To visit at Eibl Wondrak Landtechnik GmbH, Hofstättenweg 2, AT-2201 Gerasdorf
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Enoveneta Verdrängerpumpe EVP2-450
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