Ostatní Agrotipa RingPactor ARP285

EUR 8.976
вкл. ПДВ (21%) (7.480 без 21% ПДВ)
This compactor is lighter for transport comparing compactor made from waggon wheels.
Weight of empty compactor is 1.350 kg.
RingPactor has iron pipe of diameter 610 mm and the wall of the pipe is 8 mm.
The compactor can be filled with water or with the sand .
The weight of compactor filled with water is 2.100 kg.
Compactor has 14 welded „rings “ 150 mm high with wall 8 mm.
Transport width is 3,0 m, work width 2,85 m.
Option: 2 boxes for sand / or concrete extra weight. Every box has volume 0,47 m3.
Dimension of one box for extra weight 1.200 mm x 1.260 mm x 500 mm.
1 m3 of dry sand = 1.500 kg, 1 m3 of wet sand = 1.700 kg, 1 m3 concrete = 2.300 kg .
RingPactor filled with water and with mounted 2 extra boxes filled with concrete weight 4.750 kg, it is more than same dimension compactor made from waggon wheels.
Silage compactor Agrotipa RingPactor is indispensable equipment for all those, who require high-quality silage, as well as for biogas plant owners who wish to achieve high yields in of high-quality gas.
The device will be mounted to the rear/front three-point coupling of a high-performance tractor .
The silage pressed by compactor is toughened for 30 % in comparison with silage pressed by tractor.

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Agrotipa RingPactor ARP285
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