UNIA AMBER 1200/4 direct seed drill

  • Egyéb UNIA AMBER 1200/4 direct seed drill
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  • 9143-97cce4fe08596e391aa90e456f7078ac-3323791
  • 9143-97cce4fe08596e391aa90e456f7078ac-3323791

With the Amber machine combination with a mechanical sowing system, you can cultivate and sow according to traditional or simple technology. It cultivates the land and sows at high speed in one step, increasing performance and reducing costs. Optimum compaction, which improves soil water balance, is ensured by the tire roller.

- High working speed 12-14 Km/h
- Large seed container
- Good soil compaction after sowing
- Solid, durable structure
- The working and seeding section is easy to control
- Traditional mechanical sowing system, which ensures accurate sowing

Construction: Semi-suspended drive version 1200 l tank + tarpaulin
- Monitor
- Factory road lighting
- Drawbar with wheel (steerable)
- Row of straightening rods at the back

Technical parameters:

- Power requirement (HP) 100-120
- Number of coulters (pcs) 32
- Working width (m) 4
- Performance Ha/h 4-5
- Row spacing (cm) 12.5
- Seed container (m3) 1.2

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Macchina per la semina diretta usata Egyéb UNIA AMBER 1200/4 direct seed drill, anno 2022, larghezza 400<%endif%. Il costo di questa macchina usata è di .
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UNIA AMBER 1200/4 direct seed drill
400 cm
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