Sonstige Asa-Lift PO-90

  • Sonstige Asa-Lift PO-90
  • 147-0c5aac2cc3fe97e54a30e9ec33a449c3-2508102
  • 147-0c5aac2cc3fe97e54a30e9ec33a449c3-2508102
  • 147-0c5aac2cc3fe97e54a30e9ec33a449c3-2508102

EUR 10.217 ,--  incl. VAT 7,7%
Laucherntemaschine / Feste Einzugsspitzen / Stehplattform / Hydr. Paloxenlift / Dreipuntk Kat ll / Betrieb ab Schlepperhydraulik / Hydr. Wurzelrüttler / Betriebsbereit - Verkauf ab Kunde - [Telefonnummer entfernt]

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Internal ID: K 72
The used harvesting equipment Sonstige Asa-Lift PO-90 (new if there is the mark “N” or “New machine”) is for sale at! The used harvesting equipment Sonstige Asa-Lift PO-90 is for sale at the price of 11.000 SFR incl. VAT 7,7% (if abroad: plus transport, forwarding and customs fees).
Used machine
Asa-Lift PO-90
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