S-LKW ÖAF, Wohnmobil, Abenteurer, Gelände

EUR 43.000
VAT not applicable
The S-LKW is completely built, with a frame structure for the living container at the rear.
Perfect for adventurers, hobbyists, for independent vacations, world travel, ...

Sports seats installed, re-sanded and painted.

Housing container attached, half finished, to be handed in with everything we have bought to date, insulation material, windows, toilet, shower tray, ...

Unfortunately we don't have the time to finish this project ourselves.

Happy to visit.

Technical data for S-LKW

Engine: MAN V8 turbodiesel type D 2538 MTA with 320 hp or 236 kW at 2500 rpm
Displacement: 12.7603 liters
Tank: 2 × 250 liters of diesel
Net weight: 11,620 kg (without crane), 13,190 (with cable winch and PK 7500N crane)
max.permissible total weight: 22,000 kg
Technically permissible total vehicle mass: 100,000 kg
Length: 8.425 m (without crane)
Width: 2.50 m (without side mirrors)
Height: planed down 3.0 m planed up normal position 3.034 m planed up raised 3.204 m with loading crane PK 7500N 3
Used machine
S-LKW ÖAF, Wohnmobil, Abenteurer, Gelände
320 hp / 236 kW
Year of construction:
Condition state:
Good (condition state 2)
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