Fendt Farmer 307 C

  • Fendt Farmer 307 C
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EUR 35.137 ,--  incl. VAT 7,7%
Farmer 307 Ci
Autom. Anhängekupplung Rockinger, Kugelkupplung K80

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The tractor Fendt Farmer 307 C from Maschinencenter Wittenbach AG (Landtechnik) is for sale at Landwirt.com! This agricultural tractor Fendt Farmer 307 C has following equipment: Front PTO (power take-off), 4-wheel brake, Front hydraulic equipment, Reverse motion without pressure, Front loader console, Air-suspended seat, Three-point hitch (electronic hitch control), Hydraulic brake valve, Platform Cabin, Drive All-wheel drive, Top speed in km/h 40 km/h, PTO shaft speed (rpm) 540/750/1000, Transmission Synchronous transmission, Supercharger Turbocharger with intercooler This tractor has the power of 92 hp (68 kW) HP (Horse Power). The used agricultural tractor Fendt Farmer 307 C has 6350 working hours. It has the construction year of 2006. The used tractor Fendt Farmer 307 C is for sale at the price of 38.000 SFR incl. VAT 7,7% (if abroad: plus transport, forwarding and customs fees).
Used machine
Farmer 307 C
92 hp / 68 kW
Working hours:
6350 h
Year of construction:
Condition state:
Good (condition state 2)
Front tire specifications
Rear tire specifications
Front tire tread depth (%)
Rear tire tread depth (%)
Control units – double action
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Heinz-Otto S. 2020-07-28 08:05:34
Hat der Schlepper Klimaanlage?
Maschinencenter Wittenbach AG (Landtechnik) Romanshornerstrasse 51
9300 - Wittenbach

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