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Use of our website is subject to these terms of use, the community regulations (item 6 of the terms of use) and the privacy statement. If you do not agree with the following terms of use, the community regulations and / or the privacy statement, the use of our website is prohibited. The website is operated by Landwirt.com GmbH with registered office in Austria, 8011 Graz, Hofgasse 5a. These terms of use apply regardless of the device which is used to access our website (e.g. PC, tablet, mobile phone) and likewise for all associated websites that are operated by Landwirt.com GmbH.
These include: www.landwirt.com, www.buecherquelle.at, www.stocker-verlag.com, www.bienenaktuell.com, www.kochenundkueche.com and flirt.landwirt.com.

1. Copyright and rights of use
The designs and content offered on our website as well as the information provided are protected by copyright. They may not be reproduced, distributed, modified, leased, lent or otherwise exploited in any other way, especially commercially. The content on our website may only be used by our users for their own personal purposes and may not be passed on to third parties (even in extracts) without our express written consent. We and our partners (e.g. partner companies for web design and / or content) reserve all copyrights and rights of use. If individual sub-pages contain deviating provisions for the use of content, these apply exclusively to the relevant sub-page(s) and override the general terms of use. It is forbidden to modify and / or remove our copyright notices and / or our brand names and / or other information in the content. The use of individual logos or trademarks on our websites requires our prior written consent.
If as a user you publish content on our website, you hereby grant us a gratuitous, unlimited in time and place, irrevocable, unrestricted, non-exclusive right to use this content. In particular, this right includes the right to publish, reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, distribute, itemise, delete, transfer to other media (e.g. online and / or offline in the print edition, on video portals, via SMS / MMS, in commercial mailings) and to use, take over and grant user rights to third parties in any technical form (e.g. as text, video and / or audio). By publishing content, the user confirms that he has sufficient rights of use of all content published by him, especially the names and images of products and individuals as well as brands and other company symbols. The user confirms that the legitimate companies or individuals agree to the publication of their names, images, trademarks and company symbols and / or that the user has the corresponding rights and assumes sole responsibility in the event that the rights of third parties are violated due to publication. The user-generated content on our website is also evaluated by search engines and included in the index, which is why this content is easy to search and find over the Internet.

2. Warranty and liability

We assume no responsibility regarding whether the content, services and benefits on our website meet the expectations of users. The use of our website is free of charge and therefore the sole responsibility of the respective user. We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, legality, objectivity, functionality, compatibility and currentness of our own and third party content, services and benefits. We have the right at any time to make adjustments, changes and deletions to the website in its entirety as well as to parts of the contents, services and benefits presented thereon without prior notice. In addition to the free content, services and benefits, this specifically includes the paid offers and the areas on our website that are subject to registration.
For damages, no matter for what reason, we are liable only for intent or gross negligence by our legal representatives or vicarious agents. We assume no liability whatsoever for any kind of damage caused by the use of the website or individual services, by the temporary or permanent inability to use the website (downtime) or individual services, by the limited availability of the website or the contents and services contained on it, by the error-free and / or incorrect representation of own and / or external content (e.g. forum contributions, advertisements, links) and by the representation of links. We assume no liability for positive damages, data damage, data loss, lost profit, frustrated expenses, business failure, claims based on unjust enrichment, costs for legal advice and damage to hardware, software or other data files. This provision applies regardless of the legal basis used to derive the claim, irrespective of whether we knew or ought to have known of the possibility of a loss and likewise applies for companies affiliated with us, for our data suppliers and for our legal representatives, executives and other vicarious agents. The exclusion of liability referred to in section 2 does not apply to damages from injuries to life, limb or health. Our liability is limited to € 2,000 per claim, unless one of our legal representatives acted with gross negligence.

3. Linking and framing

As the operator, we allow all links to our website that do not alter its content in any way while keeping the source of this content fully identifiable and presenting our website in its entirety. Websites that link to our website must not display unlawful, offensive, violent, inhumane, hostile, sexist, abusive, hateful, disparaging, derogatory, racist, politically extreme, misleading, fraudulent, deceptive or otherwise objectionable content. It is forbidden to integrate and / or present pages or contents of our website with the help of framing in a sub-window (frame), even if the origin or originator of the content is clearly identifiable. It is also forbidden to copy our website or all or selected contents of our website by means of technical aids (e.g. website crawlers, spiders).
We assume no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, legality, objectivity, functionality, compatibility and currentness of content on websites linked to from our website, regardless of whether this link was created by us or by a user of our website. This especially applies if the content of the linked website was subsequently changed. Links from our website to other websites do not constitute any kind of valuation of the contents of the linked website.

4. Registration

In order to post content on our website, every visitor is required to register there. Only registered users are entitled autonomously and independently of ourselves to post content in the form of opinions, statements, assessments, information, images, photos, videos, music, references, links to external websites, etc. or to place advertisements and to offer or request agricultural services.
When registering, the user selects a user name and a secret and personal password and discloses his personal data (first name, last name, street, postcode, city, country, telephone number, e-mail address). Registration can only be completed if the user discloses a valid phone number and e-mail address and accepts our privacy statement, our terms of use and our general terms and conditions.
As part of registration, the user gives his express consent to receive electronic mail (e.g. newsletters, advertising e-mails, advertising SMS messages) in the form of mass mailings and / or for advertising purposes in accordance with § 107 TKG. The user can withdraw this consent at any time. A corresponding link or contact option is provided in every mailing for this purpose.
After registration we verify the correctness of the personal data by contacting each user by phone. If it turns out that a user has disclosed incorrect data, the user account in question will not be activated or, subsequently, if the information is not corrected, it will be deleted.
The posting of content on our website is only permitted if the user agrees to the current version of the community regulations (item 6 of the terms of use).

5. Dealing with external content

We do not review or moderate opinions and links published by users in our forum and these do not necessarily coincide with our opinion.
Advertisements created by users on our advertising and / or services portal are subject to a brief editorial review by us prior to their publication. This review relates exclusively to spelling errors or the quality of the image material and expressly not to the legality or seriousness of the advertisement and also not to aspects such as the truthfulness of the information on the goods or service or the authenticity of representations, the reasonableness of the price or the trustworthiness of the seller or service provider. This review is the sole responsibility of the respective user (e.g. prospective buyers or sellers, service providers, customers). The creation and publication of this external content is not done in our name. Therefore, it is also possible that these contents do not comply with our community regulations (item 6 of the terms of use).
Please inform us immediately if you discover such content or links on our website. There is no obligation on our part to regularly review such content or links, however we will follow up your notification and - should we come to agree with your assessment during the course of our review – we will remove the content or links concerned from our website.
In the event of violation of the community regulations (item 6 of the terms of use), we are entitled to secure the personal data of the user concerned and the contents for evidential purposes, to delete the user's account and all contents without prior notice and / or to anonymise the identity of the user, and to take appropriate technical measures to prevent the user from being re-registered. Should our rights and / or the rights of third parties be violated, we reserve all rights. This applies, in particular, if third party claims are asserted against us.
Pursuant to § 18 ECG, we expressly point out that, under certain circumstances, we may be required to disclose IP addresses and other (direct or indirect personal) data of users (e.g. name, address) to legally authorised domestic courts, to administrative authorities, and to third parties. This may especially be the case in the event of violation of our community regulations referred to below (item 6 of the terms of use).

6. Community regulations

By submitting the content you have created, you agree to this being published on our website and expressly and irrevocably accept the following regulations on external content:
We wish our website to contain interesting, engaged discussions and dialogues as well as serious sales and service advertisements. We therefore support any expression of opinion or advertisement that has relevant, comprehensible, factual and respectful content.
It is forbidden to post direct or indirect advertising of any kind on our website. This also applies to infringing content, especially illegal content as defined by criminal and / or civil law, or violent, pornographic, sexist, abusive, hateful, disparaging, racist, political / religious extremist, misleading, fraudulent, deceptive or in any other way problematic content, irrespective of whether this is directed against individuals or groups. No legal right exists as to the creation, publication or deletion of the content generated by you on our website (e.g. forum posts, sales and service advertisements). You are required to design and verify the content you create so that it does not conflict with our community regulations and terms of use. Please note that you are not anonymous on the Internet and are responsible for your statements.
Should we become aware or suspect that certain content may be in conflict with the terms of use and / or community regulations, we are entitled at any time, at our sole discretion, irrespective of any judicial or administrative authority and without prior notice or subsequent information to the user, to partially or completely remove all other content originating from the user in question or to partially or completely anonymise their user data (e.g. user name, place of residence, e-mail address) in such a way that it is impossible for other users of our website to draw conclusions regarding the identity of the creator of the content. We are also entitled to secure the (personal) data of the user concerned and the content for evidential purposes, to delete or anonymise the account of the respective user and all relevant content (e.g. forum posts, advertisements) without prior notice and to take appropriate technical measures to prevent the user in question from re-registering or re-creating content (e.g. IP address blocking). Should our rights and / or the rights of third parties be violated, we reserve all rights. This applies, in particular, if third party claims are asserted against us due to user-generated content. In this case, the user undertakes to indemnify us and our partners from all claims - including the costs of legal defence - irrespective of the legal grounds and regardless of their amount.

7. Other provisions

We have the right to amend and update these terms of use and the community regulations (item 6 of the terms of use) without notice at any time with effect for the future. The legal relationship between us and the user and these terms of use and community regulations are governed exclusively by Austrian law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for disputes relating to these terms of use and community regulations is Graz, Austria. In the event that one or more provisions of these terms of use and community regulations should be ineffective, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The ineffective provision is to be replaced by an effective provision that approximates most closely to its original meaning and economic purpose. The current version of the terms of use and community regulations is binding and is published on our website.

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Aktualisiert am: 08.05.2018 14:04

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